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FLUID Pouches™ provide a discreet solution for these occasions and are designed to deliver eJuice, CBD, flavourings, tinctures, and extracts with maximum efficiency and convenience. These customizable oral pouches are the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient and discreet way to enjoy their favourite eJuice without the need to vape it.

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Product Benefits:

  • Use your preferred flavour
  • Use your preferred nicotine strength
  • Less irritation than traditional nicotine pouches
  • Moist pouches are more comfortable and flavourful than traditional dry nicotine pouches
  • Easily transition between vaping and pouches by using the same eJuice for both
  • A single puck or jar of FLUID Pouches™ can be used to create pouches with multiple flavours and nicotine strengths, providing flexibility and the ability to change the flavour or amount of nicotine you use at different times of day

Can Be Used With:

  • Vape Juice (eJuice / eLiquid)
  • CBD / Hemp Extract Oil
  • Tinctures
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Diluted flavourings for appetite suppression

How to use FLUID Pouches


1. Select Your Fluid Pouch:
  • Choose between the 0.35g slims or the 0.85g regulars based on your personal preference. 
    • Regular 1g Size: Perfect for those who prefer a standard-size pouch for a satisfying experience. Regular pouches hold approximately 1mL of e-liquid.
    • Slim 0.3g Size: Ideal for users who prefer a smaller, discreet pouch that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Slim pouches hold approximately 0.5mL of e-liquid.
2. Choosing the Right E-Liquid:
    • We recommend using traditional e-liquids with no ice, in either 3mg or 6mg strength. Avoid using ice, as it may lead to sensitivity in the lip area, and salt nicotine could result in an undesirable sensation. (But will depend on personal preference).

3. Soak the Pouch:

    • Place your selected fluid pouches in a tin or container.
      • (Every FLUID Pouch Product comes with a Travel Tin for soaking)
    • Pour approximately 10-15ml of your chosen e-liquid directly into the tin with the pouches.

4. Shake Well:

    • Seal the tin and shake it vigorously for about 30 seconds.

5. Check for Glossiness:

    • Open the tin and inspect the pouches. They should exhibit a slightly glossy appearance, indicating proper saturation.

6. Adjust if Necessary:

    • If certain areas of the pouches still seem dry, add a bit more e-liquid and shake for an additional 30 seconds.

7. Wait or Enjoy:

    • Allow the pouches to soak for 15 minutes to absorb the remaining liquid. 
      • Alternatively, if desired saturation is achieved, you can enjoy them immediately.
      • The dryer the pouch becomes after saturation the longer the flavour and nicotine will last in your lip.

8. Placement:

    • Place one pouch into your lip and position it comfortably.
      • Do not chew or attempt to break the pouch open *

9. Savor the Experience:

    • Delight in the unique blend of nicotine and flavours in your mouth. 

10. Duration:

    • When properly prepared, the pouches should last approximately 30 - 60 minutes in your lip before experiencing a decrease in flavour or nicotine intensity. 
      • After the pouch has lost flavour and nicotine sensation please dispose of properly in the waste or garbage. 
      • Keep out of reach of children and pets as they may present a choking hazard.

    Package Contents:

    Regular 1g Puck (15pcs)

    • 1x Puck of 1g Regular Pouches (15 pcs)

    SLIM 0.3g Puck (20 pcs)

    • 1x Puck of 0.3g SLIM Pouches (20 pcs)

    Regular 1g Jar (50pcs)

    • 1x Jar of 1g Regular Pouches (50 pcs)
    • 1x Travel Case

    SLIM 0.3g Jar (100 pcs)

    • 1x Jar of 0.3g SLIM Pouches (100 pcs)
    • 1x Travel Case



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