Vaping Trends of 2021

What vaping trends are set to define 2021? As it turns out, many from 2020 will continue to dominate and pick up more steam, though there are also a few new ones you ought to keep your eyes on. Here are our top picks!

CPSA CRC Compliance

Starting in June 2021, all vaping devices must be fully child-resistant certified (CRC) under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. This means that they need to use child-resistant containers and tanks in their construction and use. At Gas City Vapes, we’re making great strides in implementing childproof alternatives; soon, all such products we sell will adhere to established CRC/CPSA requirements. 

More Online Sales

Let’s face it – last year the pandemic threw everyone for a loop, retail vape stores included. Social distancing rules and lockdowns forced companies to quickly transition to online sales. To stay competitive against bigger national chains who ship country-wide, many local stores turned to faster, broader delivery methods and free shipping offers, hoping to maintain their customers and attract new ones. Even if life returns to normal later this year, we can expect that door-to-door delivery and attractive online sales will remain a popular option.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are already a hit, but some experts believe this is only the beginning. There’s very likely to be a stronger shift from juice to salts in 2021, but what’s the hype all about? Nic salts provide a kick similar to that of a cigarette, doing an even better job of it than when vaping with e-juice. This makes it a great alternative for those smokers trying to quit. It also provides a more gentle throat hit at higher nicotine strengths when compared to freebase e-liquid.

Pods Over Mods

There has been increased demand for pod style devices as users transition from entry-level kits and pens to more advanced options. Pods offer an excellent array of features, similar to mods, but can be far easier to operate. They are often more compact and better suited for an on-the-go lifestyle. We’re confident that the new modern, streamlined designs with all the latest tech and low-power devices compatible with nic salts will be in high demand this year. 


While not exactly the most environmentally friendly option, disposables remain a highly convenient option if you’re looking to try a new flavour without fully committing to a bottle of juice, and for less. Discreet, affordable and big on taste, disposables are an ideal way to enjoy a puff on the go without having to worry about refilling, messes, or breaking your pod  not to mention your budget. 

Refillable Pods

On the other hand, perhaps you wish to vape in an eco-friendlier manner. If so, no problem. Plenty of manufacturers and retailers are paying attention to this trend, including us! STLH vape systems are readily available and use a rechargeable device and replaceable pods, reducing the amount of waste and making it convenient to swap flavors on the go! In-store, we offer our own dedicated pod recycling program.

Interested in learning more? Check out our online store, We have everything you need to keep up with the top vaping trends of 2021. We’re happy to serve as your one-stop-shop for vaping with excellent deals, everyday low prices, top-quality products, and free shipping across Canada on purchases over $50. Contact us today for more details!