Best Tasting E-Liquid 2021

What is the best tasting e-liquid 2021? Whether you’re looking for something new, something complex or just something tasty, we have a lineup of some of the best e-liquids that are making waves this year. So which e-juices made the cut? Check out our favourite e-juice flavours to explore and add to your collection.

Double Barrel by Blackwood

If you love complex, spiced tobacco flavours, this one outdoes the rest. Double Barrel is a sweet-tasting, burley tobacco flavor featuring a tantalizing blend of rich sweet caramelized flavours with cinnamon and vanilla to create one of the best tobacco flavours available to date. This tobacco mix has just the right balance of bite and sweetness with a smooth and gentle finish. Just one puff and you’ll have trouble putting your vape down.

Strawberry Watermelon by Cloud Haven

Sure, strawberry and watermelon flavours aren’t exactly new or exciting, but the Cloud Haven blend is so good, it propels the old school classic to an entirely new level. Big on flavour, this fruit-based e-liquid leaves nothing behind when it comes to taste. Cloud Haven adds a hint of kiwi to really ramp up the sweetness, creating a really smooth and delicious well layered flavour. It’s the perfect blend to go with those dreamy, summer days.

Formula LP by Philip Rocke

For all the morning junkies out there, the Formula LP is the game-changing e-liquid in 2021 that you’ve been waiting for. Finally, a juice that manages to perfect the classic fruity loop flavour with a sweet creamy exhale. It’s no easy feat making these kinds of complex flavours work flawlessly together, but somehow they have mastered it to taste just like the real thing. Phillip Rocke, the name behind the brand, has proven to be a pro at pulling out all the right flavourful notes and combining them in just the right way. The Formula LP is a true crowd pleasing e-liquid and definitely worthy to try out if you’re searching for a nostalgic taste. 

Purply by Kapow

It was a no-brainer putting this new flavour at the top of our 2021 list. Purply is an entirely new twist on the popular sweet and fluffy flavor from Kapow. With a nice infusion of perfectly ripe grapes, this refreshing addition is destined to enlighten your taste buds and leave you with a nice finish that will take you back. 

Cactus by Berry Drop

Yes, you read that right - Cactus! This harmonious blend of juicy cactus and fresh fruit creates a one-of-a-kind flavour that will leave you wanting more after every draw. Imagine subtle hints of blue raspberry combined with a smooth, delicious splash of citrus that is just the right amount of sweet and tangy. It will have your taste buds buzzing. This epic blend is one of the hottest e-liquids on the market, and one of our favourite best tasting e-liquid 2021 picks. It’s unique and worth all the hype. 

Sonic Boom by T-Daawg Labs

When you’re looking for both taste and quality,  Sonic Boom by T-Daawg Labs is one flavour pack that checks off all the boxes. Awaken your taste buds with this sweet, red white and & blue frozen concoction that packs a serious punch leaving you with a  long-lasting and refreshing cool taste. This juice produces supreme flavours with each and every hit.

The Nilla by Smallz

Are you tired of all the overtly subtle vanilla e-juice flavours that are out on the market? The Nilla by Smallz is on a mission to change that. This super-strong vanilla flavour hits just the right way on each draw for an enjoyable vaping experience every time. Known for their crafty, quality blends, Smallz seriously delivers a decadent and tasty adventure that will tingle your taste buds. 

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