How to Safely Recycle Your Vape Pods

Consumers today are more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment than ever before. So it should come as no shock that one of the most common questions we get is how to safely recycle vape pods. The good news is that you can recycle vape pods as well as some of the other components, including the tanks and cartridges. However, you can’t just toss your vape into the recycling bin. You’ll need to separate the pieces, clean them, and check to see if you can recycle them in your region or if you need to take them to a specialty e-waste facility. Learn more about how to safely recycle your vape pods.

Separating the Components

You need to separate all the individual components and then determine what can be processed in your local recycling facility. In many cases, the glass and plastic used in vapes will be recyclable, but you should always take the time to make sure. Some of the parts will have a symbol or number on them that you can research online to see if your local recycling center accepts them. For instance, #3 Polyvinyl Chloride is only accepted in certain areas because it’s difficult to recycle. Certain recycling facilities, may accept the components as is, so it’s important to call around your area to see where the best place to recycle your vape is. Generally speaking, if you see the recycling symbol located on the bottom of the package, you can recycle it.

Cleaning the Parts

The resin and nicotine residue that’s left in your vape pods are not only harmful to the environment, but they can also impact the recycling process. Before you recycle any of the parts, it’s important to clean each component. Any tough residue can easily be removed by soaking the part in rubbing alcohol.

Safely Disposing the Battery

Most local areas have a battery collection process. This can include drop-off locations in office buildings, supermarkets, or 4R depots where you can turn them in. Whatever you do, you should never throw batteries into the garbage. Batteries contain hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to the environment and are also flammable. 

What to Do With the Other Parts?

For the parts that cannot be recycled in your area, you’re going to want to dispose of them properly at a hazardous waste depot. Some will accept mail-in orders, others you will need to drive to. Your local vape shop might also be able to help you properly dispose of your vape pods. Call them and ask if they have a way to dispose of it for you or if they know of the best place to drop it off at. 

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