Vape Device Comparison

VUSE Pods, STLTH Pods, Disposable Vapes and Refillable Vapes; Which one is right for me? 


The vaping landscape is filled with a variety of devices, each catering to different user preferences. Among these, VUSE Pods, STLTH Pods, Disposable Vapes, and Refillable Vapes like the Vaporesso XROS 3 stand out. This post will compare these devices across several aspects: flavors, accessibility, ease of use, and pricing, to help you decide which suits your vaping lifestyle the best.

Overview of Devices


VUSE Pods are part of a closed-pod vaping system, designed to be simple and convenient, with pods that are easy to replace but proprietary to VUSE devices.

  • Liquid Capacity: 1.9mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 18mg
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Charger: Proprietary
  • Compatibility: Proprietary

STLTH Pods offer a similar closed-system experience, compatible with various devices, emphasizing ease of use. STLTH Devices and Pods are cross compatible with a myriad of other brands products like Flavour Beast Pods, ALLO SYNC Pods, and Gcore G-Blast Pods, giving you access to over 100 flavours.  Furthermore,  the STLTH PRO device gives  you a larger battery and access to their STLTH PRO & STLTH PRO X pods with  increased flavour and vapor production. 

Disposable Vapes are the epitome of convenience, meant to be used until they're empty and then discarded. This is often the easiest and most convenient way to vape, but also the most costly in the long run.

Disposable e-cigarettes may be the most convenient way for smokers to initially transition to vaping. As well as their convenience and ease of use, disposable e-cigarettes allow customers to sample vaping as an alternative to smoking without committing to buying a vape kit, e-liquids and coils – which requires more investment and more knowledge than a disposable e-cig vape device.

Lastly, Refillable Vapes like the Vaporesso XROS 3 represent open-system devices, allowing users to refill the pods with e-liquid of their choice, providing flexibility and variety and long-term savings. Salt nic devices have taken the industry by storm and are quickly becoming the new norm. Providing a smoother performance than regular vape juice, you can vape higher concentrations of nicotine without the harsh throat kick or having to use ample amounts of juice. So, if you’re trying to quit smoking, these devices are the way to go. You’ll get much more bang for your buck and a much better flavour as well. If you’re looking for the best vapes to enjoy your salt nic juice, we offer an impressive collection of salt nic devices at Gas City Vapes.


When it comes to availability, disposable vapes generally lead the pack, available at a wide range of retailers. VUSE and STLTH pods enjoy wide distribution but can sometimes face restrictions based on regional vaping laws. Refillable vapes like the Vaporesso XROS 3 are commonly found in vape shops and online, offering a more specialized selection for enthusiasts.

Ease of Use

For new vapers, the ease of using a device is crucial. Disposable vapes and closed-system pods like VUSE and STLTH offer plug-and-play convenience with minimal setup or maintenance. Refillable vapes require a bit more work, including filling and sometimes coil replacement, but offer more control over the vaping experience.


Price considerations include both initial investment and ongoing costs. Disposable vapes and closed-system pods may seem economical at first but can become more expensive over time due to the cost of replacements. Refillable vapes, despite a higher initial price, tend to be more cost-effective in the long run, as e-liquids and coils/pods are cheaper on a per-use basis.

  • VUSE Pods ~ $4.60 / mL
  • STLTH Pods ~ $1.81- $2.99 / mL
  • Disposable Vape avg. ~ $1.87 / mL 
  • Refillable Vape avg. ~ $0.83 / mL


Choosing the right vaping device depends on your preferences for flavor, convenience, and cost. For those seeking simplicity and ease, disposable vapes or closed-system pods like STLTH might be appealing. Vapers looking for flavor variety and a more economical option in the long term might lean towards refillable vapes like the XROS 3 or UWELL Caliburn G3. Ultimately, consider what aspects of vaping are most important to you to make the best choice.