Best Tasting E-Liquid 2020

Ready to try the best tasting e-liquid 2020 has to offer? Here are our top sellers in the leading categories.

Classic Flavours

You can never go wrong with a premium classic e-liquid. These were among the first flavours released for vaping, and they continue to top the flavour charts year after year. If you’re looking for some essentials to add to your all-day vaping collection, here’s our list of top-rated must-haves:

Basically Menthol

Mint flavoured juice still reigns king, and for good reason. Fresh and cool on both the inhale and exhale, you just can’t beat the deeply refreshing flavours of Basically Menthol. From the moment it hits your tongue, it will spring your taste buds awake and freshen your breath. It’s also a favourite mixer that you can blend with other flavours to create unique concoctions with a pronounced hint of mint.

Nilla Heavens by T-Daawg

Another classic that’s a runaway success is the Vanilla Heavens by T-Daawg. This all-day e-liquid delivers several warm and rich vanilla flavours for a seriously smooth vaping experience. And unlike some of the other vanilla-based products on the market, this one has just the right amount of sweetness that provides a gentle throat hit that is never overpowering. Vapers widely call this an all-day vape that is truly a step above other vanilla custard brands. 

Basically Tobacco

Sometimes you just want a familiar, comforting tobacco flavour. When those strong cravings hit, we recommend Basically Tobacco. It’s smooth, great-tasting and is subtle enough that it mixes nicely with other fruity or minty juice flavours. If you’re looking for a solid tobacco flavour at a good price point, you won’t find a better product on the market. We offer 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and even 0mg e-liquid nic levels to suit your vaping needs. 

Fruity Juice Mixes

Sweet, tangy, bold fruit juice mixes never disappoint. Whether you’re heading to a picnic, hosting a pool party or chilling with friends at a BBQ, these top-rated fruity mixes will keep you cool and refreshed all day long:

Cloudy by Kapow

If you’re looking for a juice with a big flavour, Cloudy by Kapow ranks among the best. This light and sweet flavour spins tangy raspberries and delicious strawberries perfectly together, a combination that’s so good, it’s virtually impossible to put it down once you start.

Magic by Juice Man

When you need something a little sweeter in your tank, this highly revered juice is one of the most popular on the market. What makes Magic by Juice Man so special? It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Tangy blue raspberry notes meet mango and cream to create one truly magical vape flavour that will have you coming back for more. 

Slow Blow by Nasty Juice

Looking for a seriously refreshing vape liquid to savour on those scorching hot days? Slow Blow by Nasty Juice is the summer favourite that will also energize your taste buds on those dry winter days. With bold pineapple and a burst of heavenly lime soda flavours, this juice is one tasty treat that keeps on giving. 

Boxer by Alpha Daawg

Are you dreaming of tropical getaways and cool drinks on the beach? You can have it all with Boxer by Alpha Daawg. This flavour explosion of juicy blueberry and refreshing watermelon is just as easy going as those relaxing holiday retreats. With some of the highest reviews on the market, it’s one addictive flavour that is vital for your collection. 

Decadent Treats

When you’re in the mood to indulge on a decadent treat, there’s a vape juice here to suit your every craving. We’ve rounded up the best flavoured treats you can enjoy any time of day:

The Root by Vango Vapes

When you’re in the mood for something sweet and creamy, The Root by Vango Vapes has managed to recreate every flavour note of the summertime classic root beer float. This root beer flavoured liquid offers the perfect balance of full-bodied flavour and sweetness on each haul. With dozens of 5-star customer reviews, it’s a must-have juice to add to your all-day vape rotation.  

Strawberry Rhubarb by Cloud Haven E-Liquid

Strawberry Rhubarb by Cloud Haven is an e-liquid that is seriously satisfying. The sweet strawberry flavour is complemented by the zesty rhubarb notes and a touch of sweet goodness.

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